Trust Subsidiaries - what’s the worst that can happen?

Last month, NHS Improvement called a halt to NHS trusts’ plans to create or change subsidiaries pending consultation on a new regulatory approach, the arrival of which had been trailed in the July 2018 update to the Department of Health and Social Care’s Accounting Officer System Statement. Since the announcement, the HSJ has highlighted some instances of trusts canning their proposals amidst hostility from staff and, according to market rumours, on the instructions of NHSI. Just what is going on?

Tim Winn ( profile )

Tim Winn (profile)

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Jill Mason (profile)

Grappling with service change?

Last month the High Court set out really helpful guidance in terms of the approach of courts when a consultation is challenged by way of Judicial Review.  We summarise the key points together with providing you with our Top 10 rules for running an effective and lawful public consultation. Read more.

Integrated Care Providers - where are we?

For years the NHS has been talking about making integration a reality. A vision of patient-centred care in which the service, rather than any particular provider, was the important thing. Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly. NHS England published a draft Accountable Care Organisation contract, which some of our clients were eagerly waiting, so they could use it in their ACO projects. Then the litigation started…

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Rhian Vandrill (profile)

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Charlotte Lewis (profile)

The NHS App is just the beginning.

Access to and flow of patient data is key to improving outcomes and integration. A single care record accessible to all who need it when they need it, moving with the patient as they move through the system, achieves both access and flow. Empowering patients by allowing them control over who sees their data helps to unlock the trust missing from earlier solutions and improves engagement and outcomes for all. Matt Hancock has vowed to put this principle at the foundation of data protection in the NHS.

How is my data being shared? And why?

Successful data sharing depends upon an unbroken chain of data and compliance management. This needs to be actively planned and managed from a very early stage in the project. Clear information for staff and patients about how and why data is shared is the bedrock - systematic delivery of this information must be hard-wired into your processes. Free data law resources at our Healthcare Resource Centre.

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David Hall (profile)

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Jog Hundle (profile)

Holiday pay costs going up?

When it comes to working out what pay elements need to be reflected in holiday pay, voluntary overtime is the latest hot legal topic. Mills & Reeve is acting for the employers in the latest round of litigation. Depending on how it ends, the bill for holiday pay across the NHS could rise significantly. Read more.